Chip’s Tips

A quick guide to success at the Out West Art Show!

These are just some of the ideas I have used or seen to help make your experience at the OWAS successful. Feel free to share with your friends ;0)

  1. Passion sells! Bring it in large quantities, people want to buy “the story”, not just the visual.

  2. Take the time to set up a credit card account on your phone. There are several to choose from and you don’t want to inhibit a sale because you don’t take plastic…

  3. A shower rod (black or brown) and small, double sided sign (L24x12H works well) for the hall way outside your room. I use a couple cheap battery lights stuck on the sign for added light to make it pop.

  4. Get your forms filled out in advance… here’s the link:

  5. Make a label with your room number to put on the back of your business card.

  6. Use a tablet (I have a TV) with a slideshow of your process and work to draw buyer into your room.

  7. Create a memorable statement about your work and post it in your room: “My paint is 2300 degrees, my brushes are cast iron”

  8. Rooms get hot, turn on the air conditioner BEFORE you set up your panels.

  9. SHARE (at the very least) and invest some marketing on Social media! Last year I spent $100 boosting Facebook posts and had at least 20 people comment that it was one of the reasons they stopped by my room. 

  10. Mary Ann Cherry is offering free video creation – Get ahold of her!!

  11. Even if you have fifty good paintings, do not display them all. I have heard customers say that a room with floor to ceiling art is confusing and they don’t know where to look, get overwhelmed and leave.

  12. Bring easy to eat snacks for the public and attractive dishes or plates to serve them on. 

  13. Bring an empty vase and visit the local supermarket for flowers to display at your room's entry.

  14. Invest in a small, wireless speaker for the room, a little music can set a festive tone!

  15. Select a piece in advance, to hang in the “Living Catalog Event”, Wednesday night. You will hang it near the stage for a few hours and then take it back to your room to sell.

  16. Keep some thank you notes in the room. When you sell a piece, write out the thank you as soon as they leave, so you remember. Post them all at the end of the week with a business card. Buyers will think it is awesome. (I doodle a little drawing inside)